Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports

PBIS is Glynn County Schools' process of teaching students specific expected behaviors throughout the school. PBIS provides all school staff with a common language about behavior that is taught through school specific lesson plans. The school staff focuses on promoting a positive school climate by continuously teaching and recognizing expected behaviors. PBIS supports teachers with strategies and interventions that teach students important social and behavioral skills. These skills will decrease problem behaviors and increase time spent on academics and increase student achievement. Golden Isles is excited to be participating in the training provided by the Georgia Department of Education PBIS Unit. Click here for more information about PBIS.

Our School Expectations
Positive, Accountable, Willing and Safe

Our PAWSitively wonderful PBIS team:

Mrs. Lee & Mrs. Wood - Coaches 
Anna Bobo - Kinder
Marissa McKinnon - 1st Grade 
Richard Fox - 2nd Grade 
Rachel Chance - 3rd Grade
Taylor Watkins - 4th Grade 
Ana Strafford - 5th Grade 
Selina Poole - Para Support 
Natalie Hughes - EIP 
Leighan Jordan - Counselor
Debbie Croslyn - EC 
Sutton Rollins - SpEd Support




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