PAWS on the Bus


Every year millions of students board yellow school buses to ride safely to and from school.
Drivers have the responsibility to get students safely to school.
Good bus behavior is very important.

GIES Ohana

At the Bus Stop

« Arrive at the stop 5 minutes before pick up time.

« Stand quietly at the stop while waiting on the bus.

« Stay away from the road and wait in line for the bus.

« Approach the bus only after it comes to a complete stop and never run up along the side.

On the Bus Expectations

Paws Positive:

« Take assigned seat quickly and remain seated at all times.

« Use kind language and treat others with respect

« Sit back to back, seat to seat and plant feet on the floor.

Paws Accountable

« Remain seated at all times. Aisles should be clear of book bags, arms, legs and other objects

« Always leave all food, and other objects, in your book bag

Paws Willing

« Arms, hands, objects, and words remain inside the bus.

« Follow all directions given by the driver.

« Show respect for the driver and others.

Paws Safe

« Arms, hands, objects, and words remain inside the bus.

« Walk to and from the bus.

« Wait patiently at the bus stop

« Board and exit the bus in a single file line.

The Winning Bus of the Month:

« No discipline referrals for the month or any bus intervention.

« Drivers award PAWS tickets to encourage good behavior 

« A   Bus of the Month magnet will be displayed on the bus.

« Winning Buses for the month will be recognized on BNN.