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Georgia Milestones Support

To give students practice using technology-enhanced items in an online environment very similar to how they will appear on the online test, visit “Experience Online Testing Georgia.” 


1. Go to the website “Welcome to Experience Online Testing Georgia” ( 

2. Select “Test Practice.” 

3. On the right side of the page, you will see “End-of-Grade (EOG) Spring Main.” Select “Online Tools Training” which appears underneath it. 

4. Select “EOG Test Practice.” 

5. Select “Technology-Enhanced Items.” 

6. Select “All Grades.” 

7. You will be taken to a login screen. Use the username and password provided on the screen to log in and practice navigating technology-enhanced items online. Please note that Google Chrome is the only supported browser for this public version of the online testing environment.

Click this link to access Assessment Guides (see example below) 
Sample Milestones Assessment Guide

With the implementation of the Georgia Milestones Assessment System, Georgia educators have developed four achievement levels to describe student mastery and command of the knowledge and skills outlined in Georgia’s content standards. Most students have at least some knowledge of the content described in the content standards; however, achievement levels succinctly describe how much mastery a student has. Achievement levels give meaning and context to scale scores by describing the knowledge and skills students must demonstrate to achieve each level. 

The four achievement levels on Georgia Milestones are Beginning Learner, Developing Learner, Proficient Learner, and Distinguished Learner. 

The general meaning of each of the four levels is provided through this link. 

Click this link for additional resources for Parents, Teachers, Students, and Technology.  
Access grade level guides through this link