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Class Information

Class Schedule 2022-2022

 7:30 – 8:00      Arrival/Morning Routines

 8:00 – 8:05         BNN/Welcome Activity

 8:10 – 8:50        Enhanced Curriculum/Specials

     Monday- ART Tuesday- MUSIC Wednesday- P.E Thursday- Computer Friday- P.E.

 9:00-9:25      Phonics

 9:25-10:25    Reader’s Workshop

10:25-11:00             Writer’s workshop

11:00-11:15             Snack/Read Aloud

11:15-12:15   Eureka Math

 12:20-12:50           Lunch

 12:50-1:15             Brain Break

1:15-1:45               Calendar/WIN

 1:45-2:10       Social Studies OR Science 

 2:10- 2:20      Closing activity/ Pack Up

 2:25          Dismissal

                                                                      School Lunch - Clipart Of Lunch, HD Png Download - 1002x1165 ...
GIES will strive to provide safe and efficient lunches to our students. Students will have access to hot and cold lunches in the cafeteria, however, we may choose to eat in our classroom on some days!
Our Lunch Time is 12:20-12:50 daily
You can find out what is for lunch by checking the Glynn County website.
Breakfast is free for all students.
We also send home a snack calendar. We have a late lunch and this helps our students not focus so much on being hungry.

Compliment “KINDNESS” Party!


This is a kind of rewards system that relies on compliments from other staff members throughout the school directed at our class.  The compliments are usually given during transitions in the hallway or during support/push in work with support staff.  Each compliment that the class receives is represented by a letter in the word “KINDNESS”.  Each time the class gets a compliment for transitioning well or all being on task during instruction, the teacher discusses the compliment with the class during down time and class helper hangs a cut out letter with tape on a compliment board that is under our class information bulletin board.  When the class has completed the word “KINDNESS” by receiving eight compliments, the class can vote on a class celebration.  Their celebration choices are, lunch in the classroom with a video, ten minutes of extra recess, or fun center rotation time to be provided the day after receiving their ninth compliment.  The reward is voted on after completion to ensure that students are interested in achieving their class goal and do not become uninterested due to the choice of activity.

Classroom Management

In regards to classroom management I plan to emphasize on consistency, responsibility, and respect. When children understand what is expected of them and feel like they are a part of a classroom community, they are able to let their guard down and actively participate in the learning activities.  By having clear and concise procedures and sticking to the procedures consistently, the procedures become routines and more time can be spent on instruction of content and concepts instead of discipline issues. Students must know from day to day how the classroom is structured and organized. (Wong &Wong 2013) In a quote from a student in Harry Wong’s book “The first days of school”, the student states, “I like coming to this school because everyone knows what to do.   As a result, no one is yelling and screaming at us, and we can get on with learning.” (Wong & Wong 2013)   I plan to have the children be a part of setting up the procedures for the class and allow them the responsibility in driving their own education while also knowing that they have my assistance and respect as a resource if needed.  Every student in my class will be provided with whatever they need to learn as much as they want desire.


Student Behavior Philosophy

I base my teaching practices regarding student behavior on first setting a good example by modeling appropriate behavior myself and establishing procedures that give the student a clear and concise idea of what is expected as a member of our classroom community.  I also plan to get to know each one of my students and establish respectful relationships in the class to help students feel comfortable in the happening of the classroom.  By understanding each student as a person, I am able to get a better idea of the function or reason behind problem behaviors that might arise.  I feel that by both providing clear guidelines for student behavior and understanding each child individually, I will be able to better suit the needs of the children and cut down on problem behaviors before they arise.  When problem behaviors do inevitably present themselves, I will be consistent in my reaction and consequences to provide the consistency needed for a good classroom community. In the words of Harry Wong, “The most important thing a teacher can provide in the classroom during the first week of school is CONSISTENCY.” (pg. 83 Wong &Wong 2013)