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What is EIP?


Question: What is EIP?


Answer: Early Intervention Program


Question: What is an intervention?


Answer: an action taken to improve a situation "academic or behavior".


Question: What is the purpose of this program?


Answer: The purpose of the Early Intervention Program (EIP) is to help students who maybe performing below the expectation (less than proficient) of the grade level he/she is currently in. These interventions are reading and or math programs Glynn County has funded to better assist students who fall into this category. EIP teachers can either push into the classroom or pull students out based on that individual students need. This need is determined by ongoing data collected by both EIP teachers and the student(s) content teachers. A Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) team meets monthly to look over data for all students in the EIP program at all grade levels. This team consists of all EIP teachers from that particular school along with the Principal, Assistant Principal & Instructional Coach. If the team feels a student has shown adequate growth and is ready to be released from the EIP program, that EIP teacher will get with content teacher(s) & discuss. Afterwards the EIP teacher will fill out a checklist & or test the student to see if they are proficient in the standards they were less than proficient in prior to entering the program.